p e t r o  a r s a m Gas Powered Oil Actuator Features;

  • Canted/symmetric yoke mechanism
  • -5 to 105 degrees of rotary movement to suite every kind of quarter turn valves
  • Remote/local operation option by using Explosion Proof solenoid valves
  • Solar panel option for power supply of solenoid valves
  • Robust design and fabrication
  • Mounting on valves according to ISO5211 or custom design based on the valve top flange
  • GAS-OIL tanks according to ASME Sec. VIII
  • Ingress protection design for all components
  • Special painting suitable for severe ambient conditions
Gas Over Oil actuator PETRO ARSAM
Typical Model
Gas Over Oil Actuator
Rendered View

According to the customer demands, PETRO ARSAM will provide distinct types of Gas Over Oil Actuators which are categories by control systems (Local, Remote, Line Break or Emergency Shout Down), power systems (Single or Double act, Spring Return or Rack and Pinons, Canted or Symmetric Yoke Mechanism).

p e t r o  a r s a m Gas Over Oil actuators are convenient to actuate all sizes and classes up to 600,000 Nm. required output torque

We satisfy the customer’s special requirements for each part that may include special valve torques, connection type, extra devices and equipment, etc. by utilizing their vast potential in science and technology.

For computing the actuators sizes, PETRO ARSAM has provided its own sizing software that can design and verify any type of GAS over Oil actuator in a few moment. (the software results will be provided to customers in technical proposition)

Gas Over Oil Actuator