Self-Contained Pressure Guard System
Emergency Shut Down Valve

The compact self-contained hydraulic module is designed to offer reliable emergency shutdown capability by using hydraulic fluid. When an external power source is either not available or reliable. The module is used in conjunction with a linear or rotary spring return (Single Act) hydraulic actuators acting on various type of valves to provide a fail-safe system adaptable to quarter turn or linear valves. The module is designed to be installed on a linear or rotary hydraulic actuator by the proper designed hanging bracket. The actuator port of the module must be tubed to the single acting actuator and the signal port (PETROL) must be tubed to the pipeline. It is recommended to use a stop valve in these tubing lines

Acting as an Emergency Shut Down means that this module drains the actuated pressurized oil to the tank via the trip valve in case of both over and below down pressure of the pipeline in order to put the actuator in its fail position which would be either close or open depending on the process management. There is a three tiered valve containing LP\HP detection valves which are provided to check the pipeline pressure, continuously and trip valve which is provided to vent the whole system’s hydraulic oil to the reservoir tank.  

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